Bryan Reinhart

Bryan Reinhart is an American producer, director, and editor. Reinhart’s first Hollywood experience was producing a documentary on the feature film Hoosiers which led to an opportunity to work with the Coen Brothers on Raising Arizona.

As a filmmaker, he finds it just as important to take the time to teach.

For 17 years Bryan Reinhart has been a film instructor in Sedona, AZ.  Contact Bryan at:


Ron Melmon

Ron started shooting with still film camera's (film?) in 1968, opened a few camera stores in the 70's and most recently was awarded his Digital Media Arts Degree from Yavapai College in Sedona, AZ.

He says he has been a producer all his life and is extremely proud of 'The Valley."   Contact Ron at:


Christopher S. Johnson

Christopher S. Johnson is a career documentary film editor who has often concentrated on stories concerning the environment and human rights. Before joining the team creating "The Valley”, Christopher edited documentaries for television, including the Emmy Award winning, “Sonic Sea” and “Acid Test” for Discovery Channel, “Cesar’s Last Fast” for Netflix, “Harmony” for NBC and HRH Prince of Wales, and “The Sierra Club Chronicles” for the Sundance Channel.  Contact Christopher at: